Most Small & Medium Enterprises
Don't Survive a Cyber Attack

Zeguro gives your business peace of mind, from prevention to remediation

We've Got You Covered

Zeguro is your Virtual Cybersecurity Officer. We are on the job 24/7. Our end-to-end business protection makes it easy for you, your employees and your IT team to mitigate cyber risk.

Continuous Security

Zeguro's always-on monitoring identifies cyber risks - both inside and outside, and helps fix them.

Customer Confidence

Show your customers - both enterprises and consumers - that you're doing the utmost to protect their data and privacy. Zeguro's ZIMM score announces that your company adheres to industry best practices.

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Employee Compliance

Make sure your employees have the right tools, processes, and training to help them work in a mutually secure environment.

Personalized Recommendations

As your security profile changes, Zeguro will give you updated recommendations on specific actions you can take to stay safe and secure.

Your Virtual Cybersecurity Officer

Zeguro empowers you to withstand the unknown.

  • Cyber Risk Monitoring with Mitigation Recommendations
  • Targeted Employee Training on Security Best Practices
  • Automated Web Vulnerability Testing
  • Compliance for Cyber Regulations

Secure More Business

Your business depends on being a trusted supplier. Zeguro helps get your cyber security house in order.


Establish your security process in a simple and sustainable way


Pass vendor cybersecurity requirements with ease


Notify your business partners that you have a validated approach to cyber risk


Provide ongoing tracking and auditing through Zeguro's automated platform

What People Are Saying

By partnering with Zeguro, our small business clients will have the benefit of even stronger and tailored security recommendations as well as training for their employees, available in a clear and easy-to-use format.

Jenny Soubra, U.S Head of Cyber, Allianz - AGCS

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Cyber Security Affects Non-Profits Too

Are you a non-profit organisation? We believe that every good deed should be rewarded, AND secured. Reach out to us to see how you can get Zeguro's services.

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Zeguro’s InfoSec Maturity Model (ZIMM) is designed for small to medium businesses to understand, score and monitor cyber risk.