Large Enterprise Cyber Risk Requires Securing
Your Vendors and Customers

Zeguro protects those you do business with, on your terms.

Protect Your Customers
Provide Zeguro to help your customers deliver a secure experience to their constituents

Protect Your Vendors
Audit your suppliers to ensure they meet your specific cyber security requirements

Security For Your Customers

Your Customers Need Cyber Protection

61% SMEs go bankrupt within 6 months after a data breach. Don’t let this happen to your customers. Show them your commitment by providing them with Zeguro’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer.

  • Cyber Risk Monitoring with Mitigation Recommendations

  • Targeted Employee Training on Security Best Practices

  • Automated Web Vulnerability Testing

  • Compliance for Cyber Regulations

Zeguro Gives You New Differentiation

By providing Zeguro to customers as a value-add service, you can increase your value to customers, grow your market share, and keep your SME customers happy.

Security For Your Vendors

Make Third-Party Cyber Security Audits Fast and Simple

Know which of your suppliers comply with your cybersecurity and cyber insurance requirements

  • 1. Configure

    your requirements within the Zeguro platform

  • 2. Notify

    your vendors and suppliers

  • 3. Track

    and audit compliance through Zeguro’s automated platform

Zeguro is Your Partner to Monitor & Manage Vendor Cyber Security

When you use Zeguro for audits, your vendors have a Virtual Cybersecurity Officer at their fingertips. Our continuous risk assessment and risk mitigation framework lets us understand the security threats from your third-party partners, and proactively helps them decrease those risks

  • Easy Configuration: Use Zeguro’s ZIMM Framework (Zeguro Infosec Maturity Model) to easily map your requirements. Our security experts and auditors provide recommendations to help you define and manage requirements

  • Continuous Auditing: As your third-party’s Virtual Cybersecurity Officer, Zeguro continually assesses their cyber risks and security threats using the ZIMM framework.

  • Better Security: Zeguro proactively helps improve your vendors’ security across people, processes, and technology – strengthening your own security in the process.

  • Insurance Benefits: Provide proof of cyber protection to your business insurance provider by using Zeguro to lower your third-party cyber risk.

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Social Engineering: Manipulating individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes - like fraudulent money transfers, or divulging your customer’s personal data. Source: 2017 State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) Publication Date: September 2017